WATCH: Yardena Arazi Breathes New Life Into Her Classic Hits

I love it when artists sing live on the radio, especially in the morning. For one thing, these night owls are up WAY too early, but usually find the strength to hit it out of the park nonetheless.

But also, without the benefit of a recording studio or a full band, they tend to come up with creative new ways to revitalize some of the songs we know and love.

Such was the case with Yardena Arazi, appearing yesterday morning on Galgalatz radio with morning host Hadar Marks.

With the help of a three-piece band, Yardena, 67, sang a fun, Irish-inspired  interpretation of her 1985 hit, “SheHaShemesh Ta’avor Alai” (“שהשמש תעבור עלי”). You can watch her live performance above.

But really, what’s on morning radio listeners’ minds? TRAFFIC. So, as per tradition on Hadar’s show, Yardena was tasked with converting one of her hits into a song about Israel’s maddening morning rush.

The result? “Od Nagi’a”: The Traffic Version. Experience the fun below:

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