Monthly Archives: August 2020

3 New Songs In 3 Weeks: Suddenly, Static & Ben-El Are EVERYWHERE

On Sunday morning, August 16, 2020, Static & Ben-El Tavori released “Kubiyot” (Cubes), a new collaboration with singer / TikTok celebrity Anna Zak. It’s a cute, fun summer song…but that’s not the main story here. What’s most interesting is that this is the THIRD song released by Israel’s most famous […]

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Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1054: Chagigat Shirei Corona

Episode #1054: Chagigat Shirei Corona

We have a long-standing tradition to celebrate the month of August with a month of special programming, with each show highlighting a different topic in Israeli music. This year’s August Chagigot begin with a look back at the AMAZING Israeli music that’s kept us united, inspired, entertained, and upbeat throughout […]

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Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1053: Listeners’ Choice

Episode #1053: Listeners' Choice

We asked our listeners to request their favorite Israeli songs…and wow – did you come through! What a fantastic variety of music, from all eras and genres. You’re sure to hear a favorite, or discover a new one! We’ll also speak with Brian Velez, a popular YouTuber who reviews and […]

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