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Our Special Commemoration: “Absolutely the Best Yom Hashoa Program I Have Ever Attended”

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the songs have been muted automatically when recorded on Facebook. To watch them with sound, please see this YouTube playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyzobhsSm2LaZ5EajwOWGayQlG80-Eqvb On Yom Hashoah 5781, April 8, 2021, My Israeli Music Live presented a special musical Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration on our daily Facebook Live show. […]

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What’s Happening at WRSU, Our Host Radio Station?

josh Shron at WRSU

If you listen to our weekly podcast, you may have heard me talk about construction taking place at our host radio station, WRSU-FM. Located in the heart of Rutgers University’s College Avenue campus, the radio station is undergoing a major makeover. While some broadcast equipment has come and gone since […]

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My 8 Seconds of Fame on Israeli TV

Mairov and Josh with Shiri Maimon

On February 4, Keshet TV (Israel’s Channel 12) premiered an hour-long documentary on Shiri Maimon’s journey to the Broadway stage. As a fan, I was eager to watch. And then, much to my surprise, about half way through…there I was! Right there on Israeli TV! For about eight whole seconds! […]

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