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Watch This 8-Year-Old Steal The Show At A Shlomo Artzi Concert

Last Thursday (February 9), Shlomo Artzi performed in front of a full house at Binyanei Ha’uma in Jerusalem. But an eight-year-old named Ben Karaso became the true star of the show. As Shlomo sang “Melech HaOlam”, Ben and his mother were spotted dancing in the aisle. Moments later, producers decided […]

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Finally! Koolulam Is Back To Inspire Us Once Again

“It’s much better to be afraid together…” So sang Rita in 1988, in a song written by her then-husband, Rami Kleinstein. In the years that have passed, “Bo” became the most-played song in the history of Galgalatz radio. Now, after a long, long hiatus due to Coronavirus, Koolulam breathes new […]

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Hear One Of The Year’s Biggest Songs – In English!

In May 2022, Full Trunk and Jimbo J released “Stalbet BaKibbutz” (Chillin’ on the Kibbutz) – and it immediately became a huge hit. Now, in honor of the upcoming annual countdown of the biggest songs of the year, Galgalatz radio presents a new twist on the song, courtesy of Tamir […]

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