Eurovision Song Contest

Eden Golan Will Represent Israel In Eurovision 2024

The jury has spoken…and Eden Golan will represent Israel in the upcoming 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden. As part of tonight’s finale of “HaKochav Haba” (The Next Star), the reality television show in which Israel’s representative is selected, Eden beat out finalists Or Cohen and Mika Moshe to […]

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‘Happy Birthday’ Gets a Reboot In 2023

Gavriel Butler - "Happy Birthday"

Remember “Happy Birthday”, Israel’s entry to the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest? Well it’s back, 24 years later. Gavriel Butler, one-fourth of the boy-band Eden that originally performed the song, released two solo re-mixed versions of the song this week. One was mostly in Hebrew (like the original), and the other […]

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