Watch ‘Unicorn’ by Noa Kirel, Israel’s Entry To Eurovision ’23

After months of anticipation, it’s finally here…Israel’s official entry to Eurovision 2023. It’s called “Unicorn”, sung by Israel’s biggest star of 2023, Noa Kirel.

Noa officially announced that she would represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest back in August, long before most other countries made any announcements.

In January, we learned the name of the song. Ever since, the word “Unicorn” has been on the lips of many Israelis, eagerly awaiting the reveal of the official song. The song’s production team includes Doron Madalie (co-creator of “Toy”, “Shevet Achim Va’achayot”, and many other hits), Yinon Yahal, Mai Sepadia and Noa Kirel herself.

There was even a tiny teaser, shown to the world last week.

Just before the release, Israel ranked at #6 in the odds on favorite to win.

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