It's time to get your community excited about Israeli music.

Invite us to speak at your synagogue, JCC or community event!

Are you a fan of contemporary Israeli music? Want to get better acquainted with Israeli culture? If you love Israel, you don’t need to be a fluent Hebrew-speaker to appreciate the GREAT tunes coming out of the Holy Land.

Israeli music is OUR music…and it’s time American Jews started listening.

For 25 years, Mairov Dubrovsky and Josh Shron have hosted “Israel Hour Radio” on Rutgers University’s WRSU-FM – and they want to inspire you to deepen your connection to Israel through music!

Introducing ISRAELI MUSIC LIVE, a fun, music-filled audio / visual presentation that’s currently touring the USA. In this 90-minute presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How can music help us strengthen our connection to Israel?
  • Who are the hottest singers in Israel today? What are the hottest musical styles?
  • How does Israeli music bring Israelis together in times of joy and in times of tragedy?
  • How does music deal with Israel’s political problems?
  • How is Israel’s Jewish culture and identity intertwined with secular Israeli music?
  • What impact has reality TV had on the Israeli music scene?

Rave reviews for Israeli Music Live!

“Thank you so much for coming to our community and putting on your fantastic presentation.  I got wonderful feedback on the music, the content, the whole package!   Your love an enthusiasm for Israeli music (and each other!) came through from top to bottom.”

“Josh and Mairov, thank you for providing our community with a true Israeli treat on a Sunday afternoon.  Your program is terrific, providing a wonderful taste of the Israeli music scene across generations.  Your strategy of multi-media presentation with transliteration and translation eliminates barriers to entry for everybody, enabling optimal participation and enjoyment.”

“…a highly entertaining and educational, up to the minute  introduction to the popular music scene. We DEFINITELY plan to invite [Mairov and Josh] back next year!”

Sound like fun? Want to learn more? Contact us today, and get ready to experience Israeli music - and Israeli society - like never before!