Watch Noa Kirel’s “Unicorn” Eurovision Teaser

We’re now one week away from the release of “Unicorn” by Noa Kirel. In the meantime, however, curiosity over Israel’s 2023 Eurovision entry is at a fever pitch.

The world will finally get to hear “Unicorn” in a special TV broadcast on March 8. But first, Noa and Kan Broadcasting released a tiny teaser of the song, in which you can – sort of – hear Noa listening to the song in headphones.

“Great song,” Noa says. “It’s a shame you can’t hear it.”

Noa keeps listening and begins humming along. That is, until she’s “scolded” by someone offstage. “Oopsie,” Noa replies.

What a tease.

Meanwhile, i24 News reports that “Unicorn” is already available online, leaked mostly on Whatsapp and Telegram channels. It appears to be authentic. “According to unnamed sources who have heard the released song,” i24 reports, “it was indeed ‘the song that Noa will perform, at most, minor changes have been made,’ although it was unclear whether the version was a mock-up or the final one.”

We’ll let you do your own investigation to find the leaked Eurovision Song Contest entry online (we couldn’t.). For the rest of us, we’ll just have to wait until March 8.

Eurovision 2023 begins on May 9 in Liverpool.

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