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Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1058: Before They Were Famous

Episode #1058: Before They Were Famous

For the final week of our August Chagigot, we proudly present an hour of the beat auditions from Israel’s reality shows…from stars who have made it big in Israel! So many of your favorite Israeli singers got their big break on reality TV, coming into our living rooms as young, […]

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Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1057: Chagigat Shirei Ochel

Episode #1057: Chagigat Shirei Ochel

Anybody hungry? One of the things we love most about visiting Israel is the incredible culinary experience that awaits behind every turn. From falafel to shawarma, from Cafe Aroma to Burgers Bar…Israeli food is a spectacular array of flavors, cultures, and delights. Today we present our Chagigat Shirei Ochel – […]

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