Shlomo Artzi

New Israeli Music Friday: 3.3.23

A roundup of new Israeli songs released this week. Some new Israeli songs we think you should know about as you head into the weekend. Shabbat shalom from MyIsraeliMusic.com! 1. Shlomo Artzi & Idan Amedi – Achim Shlomo Artzi:“Here is a simple and not cynical truth: we are brothers. The […]

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Watch This 8-Year-Old Steal The Show At A Shlomo Artzi Concert

Last Thursday (February 9), Shlomo Artzi performed in front of a full house at Binyanei Ha’uma in Jerusalem. But an eight-year-old named Ben Karaso became the true star of the show. As Shlomo sang “Melech HaOlam”, Ben and his mother were spotted dancing in the aisle. Moments later, producers decided […]

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Is Your Favorite Israeli Song Ripping Off Someone Else?

Shlomo Artzi, Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken: Are they borrowing material from American artists?

Does that hot new new Israeli song sound a little…familiar? Feeling like you may have heard that song somewhere before? You’re not alone. It all started with the case of Netta Barzilai vs. the White Stripes. The “Stripes” claimed that Netta’s “Toy” sounded a lot like their song “Seven Nation […]

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