Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1126: Sad Songs Say So Much

Episode #1126: Sad Songs Say So Much

As we get closer to Tisha B’av, the saddest day on the Jewish calendar, our tradition encourages us to think sad thoughts. But here at Israel Hour Radio, our job is to uplift you, not depress you! So this week, rather than playing ‘sad’ songs, we’re sharing an hour of songs about sadness, and they all have the word ‘atzuv’ (sad) in the title. Yes, some of them may be sad, but others…not so much. So put on a happy face, and tune in! (Original Air Date: July 31, 2022)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1126 – Playlist

  1. HaKol Over Habibi – Ktzat Atzuv (A Little Sad) | Lyrics | YouTube
  2. Nurit Galron – Atzuv Lamut B’emtza Ha’Tammuz (It’s Sad To Die In The Middle of Tammuz) | Translation | YouTube
  3. Ilan v’Ilanit – T’fila Shel Yom Atzuv (Prayer For a Sad Day) | Lyrics | YouTube
  4. Omer Adam – Atzuv Li She’zeh Kacha (I’m Sad It Is This Way) | Lyrics | YouTube
  5. Aviv Geffen – Shir Atzuv (Sad Song) | Translation | YouTube
  6. Chava Alberstein – Shir Atzuv (Sad Song) | Lyrics | YouTube
  7. Dudu Aharon – Shir Atzuv (Sad Song) | Translation | YouTube
  8. Achinoam Nini – Shir Atzuv (Sad Song) | Lyrics | YouTube
  9. Idan Raichel & Stav Beger – Lama Kacha Atzuva (Why So Sad?) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Idan Raichel Project – Shoshanim Atzuvot (Sad Roses) | Translation | YouTube
  11. Shiri Maimon – Kshe’at Atuva (When You Are Sad) | Translation | YouTube
  12. Arik Einstein – Ro’eh Atzuv (Sad Shepherd) | Translation | YouTube
  13. Evyatar Banai – Klum Lo Atzuv (Nothing Is Sad) | Translation | YouTube
  14. Eyal Golan – Ktzat Same’ach, Ktzat Atzuv (A Little Happy, A Little Sad) | Lyrics | YouTube
  15. Shai Gabso – Nigmeru Lanu HaShirim Ha’atzuvim (We’ve Finished All the Sad Songs) | Lyrics | YouTube

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