Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1153: 75 Greatest Israeli Songs of All Time (Part I)

Episode #1153: 75 Greatest Israeli Songs of All Time (Part I)

Could you compile a list of your favorite Israeli songs of all time? Not so easy, right? Well, in honor of Israel’s 75th, Kan Gimmel radio recently asked listeners to do just that – to vote for their favorite Israeli songs of all time. On Yom Ha’atzmaut 2023, they counted down the top 75 live on the radio, and we think you’d enjoy hearing some of the results. So this week, we’re kicking off two weeks of the greatest Israeli songs of all time, as chosen by Kan Gimmel listeners. Any predictions on what song made number one? What do you think of the results? Be sure to let us know! (Original Air Date: May 7, 2023)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1153 – Playlist

  1. Tammuz – Sof Onat HaTapuzim (End of the Orange Season) | Translation | YouTube
  2. Tzvika Pik – Ahava B’Sof HaKayitz (Love at the End of the Summer) | Transliteration | YouTube
  3. Sarit Hadad – KsheHalev Boche | Translation | YouTube
  4. Hanan Ben Ari – Im Tirtzi (If You Want) | Translation | YouTube
  5. Shoshana Damari – Or (Light) | Translation | YouTube
  6. Yehoram Gaon – Hineni Kan (Here I Am) | Translation | YouTube
  7. Kaveret – Hee Kol Kach Yaffa (She’s So Pretty) | Translation | YouTube
  8. Lahahkat HaNachal – HaReut (The Friendship) | Translation | YouTube
  9. Noa Kirel – Pantera (Panther) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Yehudit Ravitz – Ba’a Me’ahava (She Comes From Love) | Translation | YouTube
  11. Yardena Arazi – Od Nagi’a (It Will Come) | Translation | YouTube
  12. Shalom Hanoch – Mechakim L’Mashiach (Waiting For Messiah | Translation | YouTube
  13. Rita – Atuf B’rachamim (Wrapped In Love) | Translation | YouTube

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