New Israeli Music Friday: 12.14.18

A roundup of five new Israeli songs released this week.

Some new Israeli songs we think you should know about. Be sure to listen for more brand new music on this week’s Israel Hour Radio podcast. Shabbat shalom from MyIsraeliMusic.com!

1. Keren Peles & Ron Bochnik – Shkufim

I’ve always liked Keren Peles. Her voice can be strong and powerful when warranted, but soft, gentle and pleasant the rest of the time. Ron Bochnik is a newcomer to the Israeli music scene, though he recently had a big hit with “Tzva’im”, a collaboration with Gil Vein. In this gentle song, the two of them blend together perfectly – reminiscent of Keren’s collaboration with Rami Kleinstein in 2016.

2. Natan Goshen – Bati Lachlom

This guy sounds ultra-cool anytime he opens his mouth to sing. He also happens to know how to pick songs that connect with his audience. Sure to become a mainstay on the Galgalatz playlist, this one is no exception.

3. Chava Alberstein – Erev Acher

There’s something comforting about hearing Chava Alberstein’s voice, isn’t there? Having just turned 72 on December 8, her vocal abilities may not be exactly what they used to be…but then again, how amazing is it that Chava Alberstein is still releasing new Israeli music at age 72?? We should all enjoy such a long and successful career.

4. Eden Hason – Ani Mevulbal

An up-and-coming Israeli singer who has enjoyed a few hits already, 24-year-old Eden Hason is laser-focused on his musical career these days. Meanwhile, his new song is called “I’m confused”. Go figure.

5. Arkadi Duchin – Ani Goses

I like this new song from Arkadi Duchin. It has a sound that reminds me of a Phil Collins song (can’t put my finger on it, though) and a refrain that’s been stuck in my head ever since I heard it (“I don’t need for us to get married, it’s enough if you just say yes”). Reminds me of a relationship I had myself once upon a time. 

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