Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1164: Together We Will Win

Episode #1164: Together We Will Win

We return to you this week with very mixed emotions. On one hand, it’s Josh’s first show since making Aliyah, and he’s thrilled to be back. On the other hand, Israel is at war – one that threatens its very survival. It’s been a VERY rough week in Israel to say the least, and at the very least, we could all use a ‘musical hug’. Join Josh on his very first broadcast from his home studio in Israel, as he shares the music he’s been hearing on the radio this week along with your song requests. He’ll also share his thoughts on watching the conflict unfold from the other side of the Mediterranean. (Original Air Date: October 15, 2023)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1164 – Playlist

  1. Sarit Hadad – Yached Nenatzeach (Together We Will Win) | Translation | YouTube
  2. Yonatan Razel – Katonti (I Am Not Worthy) | Translation | YouTube
  3. Ishay Ribo – HaLev Sheli (My Heart) | Translation | YouTube
  4. Idan Amedi – Ke’ev Shel Lochamim (The Warriors’ Pain) | Translation | YouTube
  5. Boaz Sharabi – Halevai (I Wish) | Translation | YouTube
  6. There Must Be Another Way | Translation | YouTube
  7. Subliminal – Tikvah (Hope) | Translation | YouTube
  8. Omer Adam – Modeh Ani (I Am Grateful) | Translation | YouTube
  9. Various Artists – Ein Li Eretz Acheret (I Have No Other Land) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Koolulam – Chai (Alive) | Translation | YouTube
  11. Various Artists – Katan Aleinu (We’ve Got This) | Translation | YouTube

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