Combat Soldiers = Family: Hatikva 6 Celebrates The Bravery and Camaraderie of the IDF

“Who’s crazy? I’m crazy!” So begins “Himnon HaLochem”, the Anthem of the Combat Soldier – a fun new song by Hatikva 6.

The song celebrates the spirit of the IDF, highlighting the strong bonds among its soldiers. Lead singer Omri Glickman was inspired by the mottos and stories of the various units in the IDF, and so decided to create a tribute to its brave men and women. About 150 soldiers and cadets participated in the video.

“Himnon HaLochem” is a compilation of songs from different units in the IDF – with one common theme: soldiers are family.

“In honor of Independence Day, we received an invitation from the IDF to take part in an exciting tribute project for IDF fighters,” Glickman said. “In fact, we got an amazing opportunity here. The filming was an experience! It’s a video clip we dreamed of making for many years. That is our way of saluting and appreciating.”

All proceeds from the song will benefit “Yachad L’ma’an HaChayal” – an organization that assists Lone Soldiers in the IDF.

Wach Omri Glickman speak with Arutz 7 about the new song:

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