We’ve Overcome Everything, We’ll Overcome This: 40 Israeli Artists Sing ‘Katan Aleinu’ – Promoting Unity During Corona

Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we at MyIsraeliMusic.com have brought you countless stories of unity and goodness by the Israeli music community. As the pandemic stretches into its eighth month, Israel’s musical artists come together once again to help boost the morale of the country.

Israelis – along with the rest of the world – are frustrated, scared, and facing tremendous difficulties. While an anthem of strength and unity won’t solve those problems…it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Thanks to the efforts of Israeli rapper Static and many others, that anthem is now blaring throughout Israel: “Katan Aleinu”.

Literally, “Katan Aleinu” means “it’s small on us” in Hebrew. However, the slang phrase is also a catchy way of saying “don’t worry, we’ve got this”.

Now, that slogan is quickly turning into a new Israeli national anthem. Or, as The Times of Israel calls it, “The Live Aid of 2020”.

Co-written by Static (Liraz Russo) and Yarden “Jordi” Peleg, the new song “Katan Aleinu” has it all: upbeat, positive lyrics, patriotic themes, great vocals, and appearances by 40 of Israel’s top musical stars.

“It all started from a dream that we had to do good through music, because that’s what we know,” Static wrote on Instagram. “Katan Aleinu is a song that capitalizes on the most Israeli slogan there is. We’ve been through everything and we’ll get through this too. You don’t need to be a genius in history; even with a light skimming [of a history book], it’s clear that this is our story. A lot of hard things happened to us, but we got through everything. And so, we believe and trust that we will overcome this too.”

A “Who’s Who” In Israeli Music

The list of performers reads like a “who’s who” in Israeli pop music, with stars spanning multiple generations. The full list:

Agam Buhbut, E-Z, Ella Lee, Alon de Loco, Eliad, Anna Zak, Bastony, Jane BordeauxGidi Gov, Gali Atari, Dudu Aharon, Yoav Eliasi, Tal Tirangel, Talisman, Yasmin Moallem, Lukach, Lior NarkisMooki, Michael Swissa, MerguiMoshe PeretzNoa Kirel, NOROZ, Nasreen QadriSubliminalStéphane LegarEden AleneEden Ben ZakenEden HasonOmer Adam, Omri Segal 69, Loren Peled, ShrekDiMC, Tzukush, Rusty, Roni DalumiRotem CohenRami Kleinstein, Shahar Saul, Shalom Asayag, Static & Ben-El Tavori

None of the artists received compensation for their participation.

“We recruited the best Israeli artists that, really, I have no words, each one is a tzaddik (righteous person),” Static wrote. “They all came as volunteers with love, and full mobilization for one purpose: to do good.”

Proceeds from the project will be donated to hospitals, Corona wards and medical staff working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. The artists were not compensated for their participation.

Because we love the song so much, we decided to upload a translated version to YouTube. Anyone who loves Israel needs to see this…so be sure to share it with a friend!

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