Noa Kirel Stuns In New English Language Hit, “Gone”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard Noa Kirel singing in English. But with her new hit “Gone”, it’s clear her international career is heating up.

Sponsored by Peugeot Israel, the new music video is all-Noa, all the time. This time, she’s left the backup dancers behind, for a video that shines the spotlight entirely on Noa.

Her voice is getting better and better with every new song. But Noa’s dancing? Well, let’s just say her impressive footwork is on full display, along with a few gravity-defying moments that make the video fun to watch.

As Noa Kirel fights to become a major player on the international music scene, she’s attracted the attention of People Magazine for this new single. She gave People a behind-the-scenes photo tour of “Gone”, chronicling the making of the new video.

Mako reports that “Gone” was filmed in Warsaw, Poland. The price tag for flights, accommodations, staff, production costs, and more? One million shekels.

The production team was equally impressive. Among the writers of the song is Michael Pollack, who recently worked with Maroon 5 in “Memories”, Justin Bieber in “Holy”, Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus in “Prisoner” and more.

The song was produced by “Monsters & Strangers”, who worked with Justin Bieber on “Ghost”, and with Selena Gomez on her latest song “My Mind & Me” from her documentary.

After “Please Don’t Suck”, “Bad Little Thing”, and “Thought About That” – not to mention Noa’s participation in Eurovision 2023 – could “Gone” be the hit that propels Noa Kirel to international stardom? Time will tell.

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