Next For Noa Kirel: Madison Square Garden?

Noa Kirel poses with an Israeli flag
Singer Noa Kirel poses at a press conference in Tel Aviv on August 10, 2022. (Avshalom Sassoni/FLASH90)

It’s been a few weeks since the Israeli music world was abuzz over the big announcement that Ishay Ribo would be the first Israeli singer to headline Madison Square Garden.

Could Noa Kirel be next? According to Mako, Kirel’s people are looking into it.

After conquering Yarkon Park and placing third in Eurovision 2023, Kirel is investigating a potential concert at New York’s iconic arena. Mako reports: “Officials familiar with the matter confirmed the details to Mako, and said that ‘several options are being examined regarding a large show at the venue. It’s confidential and it’s still in the beginning.'”

In the coming days, Noa Kirel will head to the United States to further pursue her international career. Following her successful Eurovision performance, Kirel’s US team received a request to explore the possibility of a show at MSG.

While details remain sketchy at this stage, it’s clear that the focus is on organizing a full-scale performance rather than a brief appearance as part of a larger event. The decision regarding Kirel’s participation is expected to be made soon, marking her first-ever performance at “the world’s most famous arena.”

Madison Square Garden’s capacity of approximately 22,000 people represents a significant opportunity for Kirel to showcase her talents on an even larger stage.

Noa Kirel’s venture into the American entertainment industry is not entirely new. In 2020, she signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records, releasing several singles in English under the label.

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