New Israeli Music Friday: 12.20.18

A roundup of five new Israeli songs released this week.

Some new Israeli songs we think you should know about. Be sure to listen for more brand new music on this week’s Israel Hour Radio podcast. Shabbat shalom from MyIsraeliMusic.com!

1. Jane Bordeaux – Tnu L’namnem

The song that opened this week’s episode of Israel Hour Radio, “Tnu L’namnem” is a fun, likable, upbeat offering by the group Jane Bordeaux. This may be my favorite Jane Bordeaux song to date. Agree?

2. Sarit Hadad – Tetze Li Meharosh

For a woman who seems to put out a new song every three weeks or so, a new release by Sarit Hadad is nothing remarkable. Neither is this song, IMHO. But then again, she’s Sarit Hadad, so we may as well pay attention…

3. Hadag Nachash – Yotze Laderech

Hadag Nahash takes on the plight of refugees from Syria and other dangerous countries. If you missed our blog post telling the story behind this song, check it out now. Kudos to Hadag Nahash for using their talent and influence to try to help make the world a better place.

4. Hatikva 6 – Yom Yefeh?

Ever feel like there’s a black cloud hovering over you and no one else? Such is the dilemma of Hatikva 6 lead singer Omri Glickman. I’m a big fan of Hatikva 6, and always happy to see them release new music.

5. Etnika – HaKallah MeIstanbul

When an instrumental song by a group you’ve never heard of comes out of nowhere and jumps straight to #1 on the Israeli iTunes music chart, you’ve gotta wonder why. So I did some digging. “The Bride From Istanbul” (you can watch the trailer) is a Turkish “telenovela” that has recently begun to air in Israel. Ever since, the show has captured the imaginations of thousands of Israelis, who have quickly become addicted to the show. “HaKallah MeIstanbul” is Etnika’s unique interpretation of the show’s theme song. Maybe it’s time to start watching?

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