Mashina Concert in New York (November 2023)


On April 29, 2023, Israeli rock band Mashina will celebrate 40 years of the band’s existence in the famed Caesarea Amphitheater.

Then, on November 29, 2023, they’re bringing the exact same show to the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Arguably the most successful rock band in Israel’s history, Mashina is responsible for a long list of hit songs that continue to withstand the test of time in Israeli music history. Now they’re getting ready to celebrate their success, with two big shows in two big cities.

Their fans can’t wait. The famous all-things-entertainment magazine “Variety” interviewed Mashina’s lead singer Yuval Banai, breaking the news about the upcoming show in New York City.

“We decided it was time. We’re in great shape, and we’ve been getting hints from the huge Israeli community in the New York area that they miss us,” says Banai, as quoted in “Variety”.

“We’re celebrating 40 years of friendship, of creativity and of performing,” Banai continues in the article. “The show touches on our entire career, starting chronologically with our first song and ending with our most recent. It’s the best of the best of the best. It touches on all of our signposts and it’s big, long and enjoyable. We’re 60 but we’re at our peak.”

If you’re thinking this is gonna be good, well, we think so too. Here’s how to get tickets:

Mashina in New York City

Thursday, November 29, 2023
8:00 pm
Beacon Theatre
2124 Broadway @ 74th St, New York, NY

Get Tickets

What’s it like to see Mashina on stage? Here’s a taste of their performance from a previous Caesarea show.

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