Look Ma, No Ben-El! A New Solo Project for Static

He’s a rapper, producer, songwriter, and half of the most successful singing duo in Israel.

But now, Static (aka Liraz Russo) can add one more title to his resume: YouTuber.

On Monday (August 26), Static uploaded the first video to his new YouTube gaming channel, “Buzzer”. The video has already generated 75,000 views in its first 24 hours online.

A screenshot from Static's new YouTube channel, "Buzzer"
A screenshot from Static’s new YouTube channel, “Buzzer”

What’s the channel about? “From Fortnite to Minecraft, and everything in between”, Static promises. He’ll also host live videos, the first of which, he announced, would take place Wednesday, August 28 at 1pm Israel time.

Static also announced that any revenue generated by the channel would go to charity, with a different charity selected each month. The first charity is “Gedolim HeHaChaim”, helping kids with cancer.

Static solo? Does this mean that he’s taking a break from his music career? Headed for a split with Ben-El Tavori? Static clarified that right away. “Yes, I’m still making music. Yes, Ben-El is ok with this. Yes, my mother is ok with this.”

Will you follow Static’s new channel?

One Comment on “Look Ma, No Ben-El! A New Solo Project for Static

August 31, 2019 at 3:04 pm

Very interesting, I would love to follow his new channel of course. Ty for the infor Shrons:)


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