Listen to the First Song From the Upcoming Yigal Bashan Tribute Album

Noa Kirel, Jane Bordeaux, Idan Amedi among those participating in “Im Hayiti Shar Lach”, to be released in December.

Yigal Bashan’s “Itach”, performed by Shlomi Shabbat. The song will be featured an an upcoming Yigal Bashan tribute album.

An upcoming album will pay tribute to Yigal Bashan, who took his own life late last year at age 68.

The iconic Israeli singer was responsible for some of Israel’s greatest hits of the 70s, 80s, and beyond. Some of his hits are among the most beloved songs in Israel, and remain popular decades after their release.

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Songs like “Sivan”, “Yesh Li Tzipor K’tana BaLev”, and even the classic “Oseh Shalom” were all recorded by Yigal Bashan. Most recently, he had a hit with “Shamayim” in 2012, and won a lifetime achievement award from the Israeli music industry in 2016.

Yigal Bashan
Yigal Bashan

Needless to say, music fans in Israel are still reeling from the news of his passing. So it wasn’t long before the country’s top musical artists got together to pay tribute to the music of Yigal Bashan.

The resulting album, “Im Hayiti Shar Lach” (If I Would Sing To You) will be released in December, featuring Yigal Bashan covers by Noa Kirel, Idan Amedi, Jane Bordeaux, Yuval Dayan, Peter Rot, Itay Levy, and many others.

However, the first single from the album is out this week: a cover of “Itach” by Shlomi Shabbat. The music video features plenty of clips of Yigal himself, and shows Yigal’s widow Mika Bashan singing along as Shlomi records the song.

If you’re a Yigal Bashan fan (and really…who isn’t?), you’re sure to love this album. Watch this space for more details as they become available.

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