Have a Child Entering the IDF? There’s a New Musical Prayer Written Just For You

Sending your child into the IDF? There’s a new prayer just for you.

For decades, synagogues around the world have recited a prayer for the well-being of IDF soldiers each week. But if you’re a parent of one of those soldiers, it can be difficult to find the words to match your feelings.

As parents hug their child with an intense combination of love, pride, and concern, this new prayer helps them focus their thoughts.

And with the help of Tipex singer Kobi Oz, you can now sing the prayer to your child as well.

Composed by the Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, the prayer begs for new recruits’ safety and security. “Grant them the energy, agility, and joy to fulfill the commandment, ‘the help of Israel from the hands of the enemies,'” the prayer reads, “and give them courage, insight and strength.”

Kobi Oz composed music for the prayer, then recorded two versions of the music video. There’s one for sons (above) and a separate one for daughters.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the prayer is translated into seven languages. There are versions in Hebrew, English, Russian, Amheric, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

“In these complicated days, our nation unites in support of our sons and daughters being drafted into the IDF,” said Tzohar chairman Rabbi David Stav. “We at the Tzohar Rabbinical Association want to strengthen the spirits through prayer for the parents of those who enlist, that they can return to their homes in health and safety. ”

(Source: Jpost.com)

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