Hanan Ben Ari Stars In a Hilarious New Commercial For El Al

Sure, Hanan Ben Ari has achieved nearly every milestone in Israeli entertainment. But now, he add one more significant achievement to his resume: El Al spokesperson.

In a funny new ad for El Al, Hanan shares his El Al experiences in a parody of his hit song, “Hananya.”

Who’s excited like a child on the plane? Hananya.

Who got a few more hours to shop outside of Israel because El Al has night flights? Hananya.

Who walks around the plane to stretch his back, and then forgets where he’s sitting? Hananya.

Throughout the commercial, Hanan sings (literally) the praises of El Al, its friendly service, its tasty food options, its comfortable seats, and more. He also emphasizes the company’s tagline, “Hachi Babayit Ba’olam” (the most ‘at home’ in the world), reminding viewers of El Al’s status as the official airline of Israel.

You know how Israelis always applaud when their plane lands back in Israel? The commercial addresses that too. Be sure to watch to the end.

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