Galgalatz @ 25: The Top 30 Most-Played Israeli Songs Of All Time

OK, quiz time.

If you had to guess which Hebrew song has been heard on Galgalatz radio more than any other, what song would you pick? Something by Arik Einstein or Shlomo Artzi? A classic by Naomi Shemer? Perhaps one of our favorite Shirei Eretz Yisrael – patriotic songs of Israel?

As part of the Galgalatz 25th anniversary celebration, the popular Israeli radio station recently released a list of the 30 Israeli songs most played in its history.

So what song has been heard more than any other on Galgalatz? As you may have guessed from the video above, the answer is “Bo”.

Mind you, those results are a little skewed, due to the fact the “Bo” has become incredibly popular at two different times. The first, when Rita recorded it for her album “Yemei HaTom” in 1988. The second in 2002, when Ivri Lider recorded the song for the popular film, “Yossi and Jagger”.

With the song rising to popularity not once, but twice, it easily jumped to the top of the chart. In fact, each of the top three songs on the list were released by two different artists, solidifying their places as the most-played on Galgalatz radio.

Who’s NOT on the list?

The list was not without its controversy. Before we tell you who’s ON the list, let’s take a moment to take a look at who’s NOT. Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot pointed out a few interesting observations on the top 30:

  •  In 25 years, the music mix at Galgalatz has been 42% Israeli songs, 58% international.
  • Not one Mizrachi song can be found among the top 30. That means no Eyal Golan, no Sarit Hadad…nothing. While some may consider Amir Benayun’s “Nitzact Iti HaKol” (#8) to fit into that genre, Yediot wasn’t buying that argument.
  • What else is missing? Songs by Shlomo Artzi and Arik Einstein. While their respective repertoires as a whole have seen a ton of airplay on the station, not one individual song (well, except for Shlomo’s cover of another song @ #9) made it onto the list.

But don’t feel too bad for Shlomo and Arik. Both scored very high on the second list compiled in honor of Galgalatz’s 25th, the list of the top 20 Israeli artists with the most airplay in Galgalatz’s history. More on that in a separate blog post.

So without further ado…

The complete Galgalatz Top 30 Israeli Songs of All Time:

(Click on the links to hear the songs on YouTube.)

  1. B0 – Rita (1988) / Ivri Lider (2002)
  2. Avarti Rak Kedei Lirot – Esther Shamir (1977) / Tomer Yosef & Ben Handler (2008)
  3. V’eich SheLo – Ariel Zilber (1989) / Mosh Ben-Ari (2001)
  4. Elohim – Muki (2005)
  5. Ahava Chadasha – Assaf Amdursky (1994)
  6. Rabot HaDrachim – Daniel Solomon & Dana Adini (2005)
  7. Kvar Achshav – Yirmi Kaplan (1996)
  8. Nitzacht Iti HaKol – Amir Benayun (2004)
  9. L’itim – Johnny Shu’ali (1994) / Shlomo Artzi (1998)
  10. HaYom – Ehud Banai (2004)
  11. Ata B’chol Zot – Rita (2003)
  12. Yekirati – Assaf Amdursky (1994)
  13. Derech – Mosh Ben-Ari (2004)
  14. Arutz Eilecha – Sharon Rotter (2003)
  15. Kacha Zeh – Barry Sacharof (1998)
  16. Rakevet LaTzafon – Assaf Amdursky (2004)
  17. Achshav – Johnny Shu’aii – (1995)
  18. Mi – Shotei HaNevuah (2004)
  19. Achshav Tov – Gilad Segev (2004)
  20. Bli Lomar Milah – Shalom Hanoch (1985) / Metropolin (2005)
  21. LaRutz Maher – Yali Sobol & Melanie Peres (2006)
  22. Adif – Daniel Solomon (2002)
  23. Nashki Oti – Sivan Shavit (1996)
  24. Maka Afora – Monica Sex (1995)
  25. Mechuzakim LaOlam – Avraham Tal (2010)
  26. HaKos HaKchula – Ivri Lider (1999)
  27. Yalda Sukar – Muki (2008)
  28. Shir Shel Yom Chulin – Ilanit (1976) / Maor Cohen (2008)
  29. At Lo Kmo Kulam – Mashina (1995)
  30. Ein Od Yom – Gidi Gov (1991)

What do you think of the list? Which songs SHOULD have been on it, but aren’t?

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