Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1111: Israeli Music From the Driver’s Seat

Episode #1111: Israeli Music from the Driver's Seat

After nearly two long years, Israel is officially open once again! Josh didn’t waste a moment in buying tickets for himself and his family, and boy, was it good to be back! This week, we present the tunes heard throughout his recent trip, experienced mostly from the driver’s seat of a rental car. What’s blaring on Israeli radios in 2022? Which Israeli superstar did he see in concert? And why is Greg Cafe the best place to have breakfast in Israel? Tune in and find out. PLUS – Israel’s entry to Eurovision ’22 is here! Hear it first, this week on Israel Hour Radio. (Original Air Date: February 6, 2022)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1111 – Playlist

  1. Aviv Gefen & Ella Li – Varod Mavrik (Glossy Pink) | Translation | YouTube
  2. Chedva V’David – Ani Cholem al Naomi (I Dream of Naomi) | Translation | YouTube
  3. HaDag Nachash – Lo Friarim (Not Suckers) | Translation | YouTube
  4. Arik Einstein – Uf Gozal (Fly, Little Bird) | Translation | YouTube
  5. Shiri Maimon – L’an Shelo Telchi (Wherever You Go) | Translation | YouTube
  6. Michael Ben David – I.M | Translation | YouTube
  7. Lior Narkis, Moshe Peretz, Omer Adam – Shiro Shel Shafshaf (Shafshaf’s Song) | Translation | YouTube
  8. Noa Kirel & Liran Danino – Me’usharim (Happy) | Translation | YouTube
  9. Static & Ben El Tavori – Silsulim (Trills) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Various Artists – Shevet Achim Va’achayot (Tribe of Brothers and Sisters) | Translation | YouTube
  11. Ana Zak – Lech Lishon (Go To Sleep) | Translation | YouTube
  12. Raviv Kaner – Mayim Amukim (Deep Water) | Translation | YouTube
  13. Haburganim (Sarit Vino Elad & Chani Pirstenberg) – Darkeinu (Our Path) | Translation | YouTube
  14. Arik Sinai – Derech HaKurkar (The Kurkar Path) | Translation | YouTube

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