Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1108: The Israeli Music of ’21

Episode #1108: The Israeli Music of '21

It’s been a fun year in Israeli music! With Coronavirus still a major part of our lives, 2021 will be remembered only slightly better than 2020. But in Israel, the music industry remained as exciting and vibrant as ever. As 2021 draws to a close, Israel Hour Radio looks back at the most popular Israeli music of the year. What songs were heard on Israeli radio stations more than any others? What were the most popular songs and artists? We count ’em down this week, and hope to ‘hear’ you singing along. Did any of your favorite songs make the list? (Original Air Date: December 26, 2021)

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1108 – Playlist

  1. Dudu Aharon & Eden Me’iri – Lama Zeh Nigmar (Why Is It Over) | Translation | YouTube
  2. Idan Raichel – Kacha Miyom L’yom (Like This From Day To Day) | Translation | YouTube
  3. Dudu Aharon – Chalon L’yam (Window To The Sea) | Translation | YouTube
  4. Noa Kirel & Ilan Peled – Trilili Tralala | Translation | YouTube
  5. Noa Kirel – Yahalomim Bling Bling (Diamonds Bling Bling) | Translation | YouTube
  6. Narkis – Holechet Itcha (Walking With You) | Translation | YouTube
  7. Agam Buchbut – Yahalom (Diamond) | Translation | YouTube
  8. Static & Ben El Tavori feat. Netta Barzilai – Efes Ma’amatz (Zero Effort) | Translation | YouTube
  9. Hanan Ben Ari – Im Tirtzi (If You Want) | Translation | YouTube
  10. Raviv Kaner – Rotza Shalom (Wanting Peace) | Translation | YouTube
  11. Hanan Ben Ari – Cholem Kmo Yosef (I Dream Like Joseph) | Translation | YouTube
  12. Ran Danker – Beit Meshuga’im (Crazy House) | Translation | YouTube
  13. Avraham Tal & Benaia Barabi – Mi Lo Yavo (Who Won’t Come) | Translation | YouTube
  14. Ishay Ribo – Sibat HaSibot (Reason for the Reasons) | Translation | YouTube

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