Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1055: My Israeli Music – Zach Lewis

Episode #1055: My Israeli Playlist - Zach Lewis

Each week on Israel Hour Radio, we bring you Israel’s greatest hits from its most popular artists. But there’s a whole underground music scene that most of us don’t know much about. For the second week of Chagigot 2020, we bring you an in-depth discussion of the Indie music scene in Israel…a scene that Zach Lewis knows a LOT about. He manages a very popular Spotify playlist (13,000+ subscribers!) that focuses on lesser-known artists in Israel, and he wants you to find a new favorite singer or band. Tune in for a fascinating conversation about the business of music in Israel, and enjoy some great music by artists you’ve likely never heard of!

Zach’s Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0lEMWP9z1d5jXpalKhOjqJ?si=dFs9bEcOShms1aWS8b0JDg

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1055 – Playlist

  1. Moadon HaKetzev Shel Avihu Pinchsov – Matzila Oti (Saves Me) | YouTube
  2. Va’adat Charagim – Ein Nechama L’doachim (No Comfort for the Fading) | YouTube
  3. Omer Moskovitz – Nitztaref La’eder (Join the Herd) | YouTube
  4. Anat Malamud – Ein Emet Achat (There Is No One Truth) | YouTube
  5. Gil Bar Hadas – Ma Chashavt (What Did You Think) | YouTube
  6. Beat al Funk – Ya Habibi | YouTube
  7. Noy Roitenberg – Shalosh Pa’amim (Three Times) | YouTube
  8. Chomer Afal – Chekikim (Particles) | YouTube
  9. Na’arot Reiness – Sha Ma La Ma | YouTube
  10. Ron Minis – Boker Shel Ta’ut (Morning of Mistakes) | YouTube
  11. Shye Ben Tzur, Johnny Greenwood, Rajasthan Express – Allah Elohim | YouTube
  12. Mercedes Band – Malach (Angel) | YouTube


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