Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1054: Chagigat Shirei Corona

Episode #1054: Chagigat Shirei Corona

We have a long-standing tradition to celebrate the month of August with a month of special programming, with each show highlighting a different topic in Israeli music. This year’s August Chagigot begin with a look back at the AMAZING Israeli music that’s kept us united, inspired, entertained, and upbeat throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite a nationwide lockdown, despite the fear and loneliness that’s plagued Israel over the past few months, the Israeli music community responded in a big, meaningful way.

This week, we present a some highlights of Israel’s musical response to Corona. While the songs are great, the videos are even better! We encourage you to watch this show as it appeared on Facebook Live.

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Israel Hour Radio Podcast – Episode #1054 – Playlist

  1. Ishay Ribo – Keter Melucha (Crown of Royalty) | Translation
  2. Lior Narkis, Omer Adam, Moshe Peretz – Shiro Shel Shafshaf (Shafshaf’s Song) | Translation
  3. Stats of HaBima Theater – Shir Idud (Song of Encouragement)
  4. Hanan Ben Ari – Ga’aguim Livnei Adam (Missing People) | Translation
  5. Stars of HaKochav Haba – Ohev Lihiyot Babayit (Love To Be Home) | Translation
  6. Idan Raichel – Feker Libi (Love of My Heart) | Translation
  7. Eyal Golan & Alin Golan – Yaldei HaMirpasot (Children of the Balcony) | Translation
  8. Various Artists – Echad Mi Yodea (Who Knows One)
  9. Keren Peles & Friends – Ba’at Li Pitom (You Came To Me Suddenly) | Translation
  10. Various Artists – Al Mi At Chachama (Who Are You Smarter Than?) | Translation
  11. Koolulam – Fix You | Lyrics
  12. Idan Amedi – Shir HaShayara (Song of the Caravan) | Translation
  13. Idan Raichel Project – Milim Yafot Me’eileh (Nicer Words Than These) | Translation
  14. Eliad – Cure the Corona | Lyrics
  15. Ivri Lider – HaMizrach HaTichon (The Middle East) | Translation


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