Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1038: When Israeli Music Is ‘Comfort Food’

Episode #1038: When Israeli Music Is 'Comfort Food'

We have the best community in the world! In this era of Coronavirus, we asked our listeners, ‘What Israeli song is like comfort food for you? What song instantly makes you smile?’ Almost immediately, we received some incredible responses! This week, we’ll ease your worries and reduce your anxiety over the state of the world in which we live. You’ll hear some songs that make you smile, songs that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, songs that make you feel everything will all be ok, and songs that restore your faith in humanity. You’re sure to leave this week’s all-request show feeling content, happy, and carefree.

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  1. Arik Einstein – Ohev Lihiyot BaBayit
  2. Shai V’galit Dagan – No More Corona
  3. Jane Bordeaux – Whiskey
  4. Moshe Peretz – Yesh Li Otach
  5. Lior Narkis, Omer Adam, Moshe Peretz – Shiro Shel Shafshaf
  6. Shuli Rand – Ayeka
  7. Lola – Yamim Shel Sheket
  8. Idan Raichel – She’eriyot Shel HaChaim
  9. HaParvarim – Muzika
  10. Omer Adam & Ishay Ribo – HaLev Sheli
  11. Broza – Yehiyeh Tov
  12. Avraham Tal – HaYamim Ovrim
  13. Koolulam – Al Kol Eileh
  14. Shalom Hanoch – Adam B’toch Atzmo


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