Israel Hour Radio – Episode #1037: My Israeli Playlist – Abby Hoberman

Episode #1037: My Israeli Playlist - Abby Hoberman

In these dark, uncertain times of Coronavirus, many of us are feeling scared, anxious, maybe even lonely and isolated. We’re unsure of what will happen next, and we’re living on edge. This week, allow us to brighten your day just a bit.

Meet Abby Hoberman of New Jersey. She’s 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, and she’s made it her mission to spread the joy of Israeli culture to all of her peers. Abby developed a love of Israel from Camp Tel Yehudah and USY, and she’s doing her best to spread her passion to everyone around her. This week, Abby shares her favorite Israeli songs of all time…while also sharing her incredible Israeli pride! Abby’s a great ambassador for Israel. Her joy is sure to make you smile! (Original air date: March 15, 2020)

Abby’s Israeli music blog:

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  1. Static & Ben-El Tavori – Barbie
  2. Kaveret – Yo Ya
  3. Hadag Nahash – Shirat Hasticker
  4. Café Shachor Chazak – Yihiyeh B’seder
  5. Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy
  6. Jane Bordeaux & Yisrael Gurion – Erev Shel Shoshanim
  7. Sarit Hadad – Mabrook
  8. 8th Day – Yalili
  9. Static & Ben-El Tavori – Kawaii
  10. Rivka Michaeli – Ein Li Rega Dal
  11. Omer Adam & Moshe Peretz – Hee Rak Rotza Lirkod
  12. Omer Adam – Shnei Meshugaim


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