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August Chagigot 2018: The Full Lineup!

August Chagigot 2018

Here it is…the complete lineup for our 2018 August Chagigot! For those new to the show, here’s what we’re talking about. For many years, we’ve devoted the month of August to special programming on Israel Hour Radio. Each week, we choose a particular topic in Israeli music, and ask our […]

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YOU Pick the Playlist for Our August Chagigot!

August Chagigot are Coming!

Our “August Chagigot” begin on Sunday, August 5th! Every week in August, we’ll devote the show to a particular theme in Israeli music. In past years, we’ve covered duets, love songs, songs about Israel, musical families, Israeli songs based on English songs, songs about peace and so many others. Best […]

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