“Before I Lose It, Don’t You Let Me Down”: New English Song by Shiri Maimon and Red Band

She’s a hit recording star in Israel. She’s a model, a pitchwoman, a mom, and even a star on Broadway.

But now, Shiri Maimon can add a new accomplishment to her resume: singing with musical puppets.

Shiri’s teamed up with Red Band, the Israeli group of oversized puppets with American accents, to bring us a new original English song called “Let Me Down”. The song was co-written by Ari Pepper, the voice of “Red” himself.

While generally out of character for the hard-rocking band, the song is right up Shiri’s alley. The lyrics are beautiful, and the collaboration between the two sounds far more natural than expected.

From the press release:

“Shiri on one side, who was born to perform such songs. Red on the other, whose characteristic nonchalance makes us feel that the song is his. And together you are about to cuddle up to one of the most beautiful songs of the year.”

Shiri on the new song:

“Every song has a way, a journey. Then he gets his house, his soul, goes out into the world air and is already ours. I’m excited to share with you ‘Let Me Down’ – an original duet with the one and only – Red. That when I offered him to record the song with me he was already fantasizing about the clip. Here, it’s yours. Enjoy.”

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