Backstage Studio Tour of WRSU: Behind the Scenes at Israel Hour Radio

Israel Hour Radio has been broadcasting on Rutgers University’s 88.7 WRSU-FM since 1976! Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at America’s biggest Israeli music radio program? Join host Josh Shron for a backstage studio tour of Israel Hour Radio’s flagship radio station. See where the magic happens!

What does the main studio look like? What changed over the years? And exactly where were we standing when we interviewed the legendary Ofra Haza by phone in 1995?

Yes, our decor is from the 70s, and we could certainly use a refresh (we’re getting one this summer!). But it’s home, and it pumps out hours and hours of fantastic Israeli music each year. Who cares what it looks like? Much of the equipment is state of the art, and offers all the tools we need to run a successful radio program.

Countless Rutgers University students have passed through, many on their way to successful broadcasting careers. But most of the Sunday “ethnic” hosts have been there for decades – with diverse programming from Israel, Turkey, Hungary, India, Pakistan, Greece, Africa, Ireland and many other world destinations. Pretty cool, huh?

We at Israel Hour Radio owe much gratitude to Rutgers University for keeping Israeli music on the air since 1976!

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